Branding Art

The Generators Summer Tour Shirt

This is based off of the "Harry May" single back in 1983. Simple, one color graphic created in Adobe Illustrator for the band's summer concerts.

Branding Art

Nick Gates Photography

When comping a logo, I find that it must work well in black and white before anything. Reverse and positive images must fly. Color is secondary.

Branding Art

Brillo Fix

Train creation. Typography.

Silkscreen Art

Holy Smokes!

Creativity can be addictive.

Silkscreen Art

70's look and feel!

There is always time for PONG!!!

Silkscreen Art

Silkscreen Production

Contact MarkoniVision for your custom, hand painted tshirt today!

Illustrator Art

Adobe Illustrator

Train doodles on the way to Downtown L.A.

Rubiks Cube Art


If you can solve one side then you've got this!


Adobe Photoshop Collage


Explore China Today!

Advertising layout using Adobe Photoshop.

Identity Branding

Mischievous Mishap

Welcome to the Horror Business!

Identity Branding

New Campaign "I Want You!"

Happy New Year!

Identity Branding

Happy Thanksgiving!

Start your day off right with - MarkoniVision

Logo Design Comps for Discover-tivities

Designed especially for Alina Esquivias and Jaclyn Santiago of the Spark mentor program!

Glendale Galleria Photoshop Art

Bloomingdales plus Adobe Photoshop

Glendale, CA.

Remembering 911 by Markonivision

Never Forget

15 years ago. Life has certainly changed since then. A day to remember, a day to never forget.

Markonivision Branding in Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator

Hamburger Stand

Logo Spoof!

Punk Flyer for Schleprock by Markonivision

Flyer Art for Schleprock Second Version

Schleprock, The Dickies, The Queers at the Viper Room in WEHO coming up next week.

Creature logo by MarkoniVision


Stencil Art

Punk Flyer done in Illustrator

Schleprock Music Poster

Designed this flyer for a show next month at the Viper Room in West Hollywood featuring Schleprock, The Dickies and The Queers.

Peel Slowly and See.

Inspired by Andy Warhol.

Space Age Robot

Gigantor. Adobe Illustrator.

Earth is our Canvas for Art

Happy Earth Day

Our greatest canvas.

Punk Flyer for The Generators

The Generators Friday May 6th in Corona at Bar 1650

Poster for The Generators.

MarkoniVision Design for Blog


Artwork inspired by pro skateboarder Lester Kasai. His Sims splat deck was my first ride back in 1983. One of my favorite graphics of the time and to date!


Inspired by the classic 80's Sims skateboarder Jeff Phillips. Playing with color concept.

8-Bit MarkoniVision going Berzerk

8 Bit