Innovative and Fresh!

Art, creativity and freedom have the ability to change society faster than politics.

MarkoniVision is a Southern California-based multidisciplinary design studio providing creative strategy and custom design solutions for digital and print projects.

MarkoniVision works collaboratively with clients to develop creative strategy, and craft custom design solutions, across multiple media and disciplines. Services include branding and visual identity development, creative strategy, social media strategy, web design, graphic design, photography, photo illustration, and production management. MarkoniVision is...

  • Fresh - Idealistic
  • Innovative - Top Notch
  • Skeptical - Critical Thinking
  • Focused - Driven

A Brief History

MarkoniVision was founded in 1996 by designer/creative director Mark Dietrich Phillips. The studio started as a means to pursue the kind of work and clients that Mark wanted to work with and to incorporate his varied backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, branding, advertising, and digital into his own unique style. Since setting up shop in Orange County, California MarkoniVision has creatively shaped brands big and small, locally and internationally with an emphasis on smart, considered and strategic design work. Whether it be a global campaign for YoYo Skateboard Wheels, a motion graphics video for corporate giant, or branding the local mom and pop shop on his block, each project is treated with the same attention to detail and follows the same process.

Mark Dietrich Phillips works with people who are as dedicated to their craft as he is to MarkoniVision. And, he does everything with his core values of living clean, hard work, and trust.

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