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Dear Mr. Mark Phillips,

​ ​We are Mr. Khaled’s PALS students from Santiago Middle School. The PALS team would like to thank you for developing and designing the lettering and logos for our shirts. We really appreciate that you took all of our ideas and revisions, time and time again, and were always kind and helpful. The logo and lettering are awesome and, as you know, we are getting ready to print our second round of shirts. We understand that time is money and you spent your own time, effort, and resources to help out our school which is such a generous contribution. You have saved the team a substantial amount of money and for that we thank you. The PALS don’t know you personally, but from what we have experienced working with you is that you are an amazing human being who would help a group of middle-schoolers out of the kindness of your heart. Once again, we thank you for helping out the PALS team. For that we would like to make you an honorary PAL and give you a PALS T-shirt.

The Pals Team
Santiago Charter Middle School

Mark Phillips is a core member of the YP Integrated Media Producer team. When I was brought on as the Director of this team, I was tasked with building a more customer centric experience for YP's clients across their digital product fulfillment. The Producer role is considered a senior consultant level position, and those hired are required to not only carry multi-product knowledge, but also deliver best-in-class customer service, with the ability to project manage to deadlines, troubleshoot issues, and serve as a liaison between clients, sales, and internal product design teams. Mark meets all these requirements and more, as he effectively carries over his prior experience to enhance the level of quality service he offers to his clientele.

Mark came to the Producer team from the YP Website design team, where he was tasked with creation and customization of YP websites. He was quick to learn the complex nature of YP’s other digital products in a short period of time, inclusive of search, display, video, and social products. Mark excels in building relationships and translating clients’ unique business needs, all with a calm demeanor and sincere intent. Along with his expertise in web design, he quickly proved to be a huge asset to our team, as he has become an internal resource for any design related questions or escalations. He has the keen ability to organize and execute at the highest level of quality, even within an extremely chaotic atmosphere such as high volume, complex product orders, or high risk clients.

One last thing to mention is that Mark never hesitates to go above and beyond his daily responsibilities. As an example, his Senior Manager and I had two middle school mentees who would come to YP once a week to get exposure to different career opportunities. They were tasked with a project, which they chose to build a website for a business of their choice. Mark offered to sit down with them multiple times to explain the process of planning a website, and even helped them to design a logo and site to fit their needs. It was so beneficial to the students, and fun to watch Mark interact and help them, especially in a field where he is so passionate.

It was a pleasure to have Mark on my team, and I highly recommend him for any position where he has the ability to express his talents, whether creatively or operationally. I am happy to provide any further information as needed!


Kimi Henry

It is my great pleasure to provide this recommendation for Mark Phillips.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mark in a variety of capacities over the past 15+ years. Most recently, Mark has been an Integrated Media Producer with DexYP, reporting to me indirectly. In this role, he has successfully leveraged his expertise in design and digital marketing to become one of the most productive members of the team. Among his strengths is his ability to build partnerships with Sales, internal partners, and most importantly -- with our clients. He is a trusted member of the team, and a team player in the truest sense.

Prior to transitioning to this role in April of 2016, Mark worked as a Web Designer at YP. As the Sr. Manager over the Integrated Media team, I had the opportunity to partner with Mark and his team on a regular basis. I was continually impressed with the level of professionalism he demonstrated, and with his willingness to support my team. When a position opened up within the Integrated Media team, I knew he would be a great fit and I was excited when he expressed interest in applying. His transition to the team was seamless and he began adding value to the role immediately.

In his role as Integrated Media Producer, he has a considerable amount of responsibilities, and has managed them with the highest degree of focus and efficiency. While managing his own book of business, he has also provided a high degree of support to his peers, and has served as one of the team’s Website subject matter experts. Mark demonstrates professionalism at all times, and can be relied upon to offer solutions to any problem he encounters.

Prior to working together at YP, Mark and I worked together as peers at AT&T Advertising Solutions. As a Graphic Designer in one of our Design Centers (and later at our Operations center in Anaheim), Mark’s reputation preceded him; he was (and still is) well-liked and well-respected throughout the business and by Sales and Operations alike.

It has been a great pleasure working with Mark in these various capacities.
I offer the highest recommendations for Mark and know he will be an incredible asset to any organization.


Shannon Spaccarotelli
Sr. Manager - Ad Ops and Integrated Media

Good morning Shannon,

I just wanted to take a minute to reach out and let you know about my experience with one of the producers on your team, Mark Phillips.

He was filling in for a producer assigned to one of my accounts, and I unfortunately had to come to him in a panic when there was an issue with delayed fulfillment following the holidays. He has gone above and beyond helping to expedite assignment, production, taking the time to edit some creative himself & helping to get it live for the customer ASAP.

I am beyond grateful to him for constantly keeping me up-to-date on progress, and helping me to repair the relationship with a very frustrated customer.

Just wanted to share and give him a little shout out.
I hope you have a wonderful week!


Tina Craig
Business Strategist

I want to reach out to you, because of an amazing experience I had launching a Search program with the help of a member of you team, Mark Phillips.

This is BY FAR the most painless, smooth launch of a Search program I have ever had with YP. Mark was very proactive and thorough. By my estimation he saved me at least 4 hours of headache and customer frustration fulfilling and launching the program.

If I could request for Mark to handle all of my accounts as producer, I would do so enthusiastically and with fervor!

This is the best initiative/role I have seen YP roll out to-date, and I attribute that entirely to the quality of producer I had opportunity to work with.

Thank you for putting together such a great team!


Theisi Gibson

I wanted to give a positive review of my dealings with Mark Phillips regarding Two Men and a Brush 10003009346. This account was sold the last week of August and went live the first week of September which was phenomenal for them. The results to date are exceeding contracted expectations as well.

The reasons I find this email important is twofold. First, the campaign creation, landing page design, and communication were the best I have ever experienced at YP and I speak with every producer on every account I have personally sold. Second, this is a family friend’s business, and I knew we could come through for them. I have always been comfortable with our results and commitment to quality campaigns. However, in this case timing was vitally important due to the change in seasons. This is a 3 month contract and since we got it rolling right away they are maximizing the end of the exterior painting season in Colorado. I know this is a huge benefit we have provided a local business I also know personally. We will get the interior season as well when this mini campaign is over, and long thereafter I believe due in part to the ease and quickness in which we began the relationship.


Steve Glick
YP Marketing Solutions | Digital Sales Executive

I wanted to send you a kudos for Mark Phillips.

Mark helped out with a difficult order recently. He went above and beyond his duties to help solve fulfillment issues on a ypSearch campaign. He is very proactive and committed to teamwork. Thank you Mark!

Ryan Orvis
YP | Campaign Manager, Search Ad Management
Ad Operations

I am hoping to give a shout out to Mark Phillips, Producer out of the Glendale CA office. He has gone above and beyond assisting me with multiple accounts. Previously, Midtown Rental was giving me fits with getting their fulfillment taken care of. They were extremely vague and did not respond when I had reached out before going live with their website. Once it went live, they decided to make all kinds of changes. I believe Katherine Coleman was originally the producer assigned to the account. Later on, I found out she had been out of the office due to vacation. Mark was my producer for a previous account so I reached out to him and I am glad I did. He is so easy to work with and even returned my phone call after he had already left for the day. He let me know exactly how to handle the situation along with sending me website examples to use as a visual when meeting with the customer.

We need more Marks!

Rikki Hall
YP Marketing Solutions | Digital Sales Executive
10159 E. 11th St. Tulsa, OK 74128

I wanted to reach out to extend my appreciation for Mark Phillips. When we were asked in our afternoon cadence call last week by my area manager to express something positive that happened today, I used Mark Phillips as an example of the extreme change in YP’s ability to create better products and the people behind the scenes who make it happen. It helps with our confidence to deliver better products in our market when we have a team that wants to provide exceptional service.

John A. Feil, Jr
YP Marketing Solutions | Marketing Consultant


Good morning Shannon,

I made it a point to reach out to you today to express my gratitude towards Mark and the team. My client and I are very happy with the efficiency and accuracy of the way Mark invested in to Mavericks First Aid’s account. I just want to make sure that Sr. Management knew how much of an asset he truly is in launching these campaigns off right. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. Take care and have a great weekend.

Thank You,

John D. Barajas I Strategic Marketing Executive
YP Marketing Solutions | Digital Sales Executive
2525 N Loop W, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77008

I have done many search campaigns at YP and never ever had anyone that helped me and communicated to me as much as Mark Phillips.

This not only helps free our time to sell more, but when I know someone has my back and is working on an account as hard as I would, it makes everything work soooo much more effectively to get all the changes that a client wants to do.

The client invests a lot of money into these campaigns and when we get quick turnaround, it really makes us stand out from the competition.

I hope that we continue the “producer” role in this company because we can’t do without it and be as successful as a company.

Mark has been wonderful and as I stated above, I’ve never had anyone who communicated with me as much as he has.

Can Mark work on all of my accounts please?

Indy Martin
YP Marketing Solutions | Digital Marketing Consultant

Thank you Mark. You are so on top of your accounts. I wish I could work exclusively with you, so that all of my customers benefit from your efficiency!

Elizabeth Bill
YP Marketing Solutions | Digital Media Consultant

This is by far the best individual for any graphics project you have! We asked Mark to design our website. No easy task because what we want continues to grow. We have a tag line of "Where WooWoo Meets Wellness". Gaining traction in two side by side industries to create a beautiful bridge while servicing the client across a variety of modalities. Mark was able to conceptualize from the start what we wanted while meeting our clients needs for communication. A single hub that tied all our moving parts together cohesively.

His service didn't end there either. We were struggling with a logo...over an almost two year period. Finally I asked for help from Mark. In just two back and forth emails, the design was complete and is not something we just settled for!

I feel I need to get really honest here, Mark wasn't presented with concise direction or instructions such as, "Can you make it do this?", "Would it be too much trouble to add that?", "We need to change the content on." this all came later. I just asked for some help, he asked for my social media presence (which during this process has grown and become more specific). I actually sent him some links. One to our blog at WordPress, Facebook pages, scheduling site. Since then and with great suggestions for us, our site gets compliments from people we do business with regularly. The most recent is The City of Brea.
Check it out if you like, it's all Mark.