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I'm currently creating a responsive website for Lynn Rose Tours. Here I've updated the look and feel of an outdated site. Created a new logo and am going to take to the streets with social media! This is a fun one!

LADY ROXANNE: Amazon Conservationist from DAVID ROTH WEISS on Vimeo.

Lady Roxanne: Amazon Conservationist

Profile of respected conservationist Roxanne Kremer, founder of ISPTR-PARD (The International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforests - Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphins), who has worked tirelessly for more than three decades on behalf of the people and creatures of the Amazon. I am proud to be of service to "Lady Roxanne" for more than ten years donating and contributing to her cause. Please take a look at her video when you get the chance.

The Generators 2016 Tour Shirts

Converted original drawing to outlines using Adobe Illustrator. Added The Generators logo and set artwork to be print ready for the European Tour. Check out their site at:

Mark Phillips Tanker Art

I created this piece as a skateboard graphic that would go onto an 8 wheeler. This artwork is based off of Alan Gelfand's Ollie art.

Skate Punk Band JFA

Created artwork for Carter Blitch's bass drum. JFA pool plate. Created this in Photoshop and made the image vector in Adobe Illustrator to enlarge to the face of the bass drum. I took a couple of photos and the Pink Motel Pool Party.